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Our Story


Welcome to Momonoki!  

We’re a counter service restaurant focusing on casual Japanese comfort fare. From the partners who established Brush Sushi in downtown Decatur, GA.

Momonoki is serving chef driven Ramen, Tsukemen (dipping ramen) Donburi (raw/cooked rice bowls), Katsu Sando (Japanese cutlet sandwiches), salads and small plates.  A full bar stocked with cocktails, sake, wine and local/Japanese brews in cans/bottles and on tap will round out the menu.

Along with the restaurant, a café (Momo Cafe) attached to the space will serve the choicest coffee and Japanese-inspired drinks.  You can enjoy our drinks while getting inspired on our mezzanine overlooking the bustling 75/85 interstate or on our patio bar looking in to the cafe and restaurant. To complement the drinks, we’ll serve desserts, sweets and pastries made in-house with Japanese technique and ingredients.

We named our restaurant “Momonoki” because it translates to “Peachtree” in Japanese, which of course, is a nod to our beloved city.  Our logo, which is a peach with the kanji character “wood” written within, somewhat represents the “285 perimeter” with 75/85 down the middle and I-20 going across!

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